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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial positively has 2 senses
  1. positively - extremely; "it was positively monumental"
    Derived from adjective
  2. positively - so as to be positive; in a positive manner; "she intended her remarks to be interpreted positively"
    Derived from adjective

Definitions from the Web


Part of Speech: Adverb

Definition 1: In a positive or favorable manner; expressing approval or agreement.

Example sentence 1: The team's new strategy was positively received by the board of directors.

Example sentence 2: She nodded positively when asked if she was satisfied with her test results.

Definition 2: Definitely or without a doubt; with certainty.

Example sentence 1: I can positively say that this is the best pizza I have ever tasted.

Example sentence 2: He was positively sure that he had locked the front door before leaving.

Definition 3: Showing optimism or a constructive attitude.

Example sentence 1: Despite the setbacks, she remained positively focused on achieving her goals.

Example sentence 2: The teacher praised the student's positively attitude towards learning.

Definition 4: Indicating the presence of something in a particular direction or location.

Example sentence 1: The compass needle pointed positively to the north.

Example sentence 2: The detector beeped positively when it passed over the hidden object.

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