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personal judgement


Definitions from WordNet

Noun personal judgement has 1 sense
  1. judgment in personam, judgement in personam, personal judgment, personal judgement - a judgment rendered against an individual (or corporation) for the payment of money damages
    --1 is a kind of judgment, judgement, judicial decision

Definitions from the Web

Personal Judgement


1. The subjective evaluation or opinion formed by an individual based on their beliefs, values, and experiences.

Example: My personal judgement is that the movie was incredibly boring and lacked substance.

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1. Pertaining to or influenced by an individual's own opinion, taste, or perspective.

Example: Your personal judgement may differ, but I believe this painting is a masterpiece.

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1. To assess or form an opinion about someone or something based on personal beliefs or experiences.

Example: It is not fair to personal judgement someone without knowing their complete story.

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