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pedestrian bridge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun pedestrian bridge has 1 sense
  1. footbridge, overcrossing, pedestrian bridge - a bridge designed for pedestrians
    --1 is a kind of bridge, span
    --1 has particulars: gangplank, gangboard, gangway; jet bridge

Definitions from the Web

Term: Pedestrian Bridge


A pedestrian bridge is a structure designed for pedestrians to safely cross over obstacles such as roads, rivers, or railways. It provides a dedicated pathway for people to walk across and ensures their separation from vehicular or train traffic.


Sense 1:

Noun - Physical Structure

A pedestrian bridge is a physical structure built to allow pedestrians to cross over a specific area without encountering vehicular traffic. These bridges can be found in urban areas, parks, or scenic locations.

Example Sentence: The new pedestrian bridge over the river has become a popular spot for locals to enjoy a stroll.

Sense 2:

Noun - Conceptual Idea

Pedestrian bridge can also refer to the idea of creating connections, relationships, or alliances specifically aimed towards pedestrians. It represents the concept of enhancing walkability and promoting pedestrian-friendly environments.

Example Sentence: The town council launched a project to build more pedestrian bridges between neighborhoods, encouraging people to walk instead of using cars.


Usage 1:


One of the popular usages of pedestrian bridges is to provide convenient and safe access for pedestrians over busy roads or highways.

Example Sentence: The pedestrian bridge near the school has significantly improved student safety by allowing them to avoid the heavy traffic on the main road.

Usage 2:


Many local communities construct pedestrian bridges to enhance connectivity within neighborhoods, encourage outdoor activities, and create picturesque spots for residents and visitors.

Example Sentence: The local authorities constructed a beautiful pedestrian bridge across the lake, attracting tourists who now enjoy leisurely walks along the scenic shore.

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