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multiengine airplane


Definitions from WordNet

Noun multiengine airplane has 1 sense
  1. multiengine airplane, multiengine plane - a plane with two or more engines
    --1 is a kind of airplane, aeroplane, plane

Definitions from the Web

Multiengine Airplane


A multiengine airplane is an aircraft that is equipped with more than one engine to provide redundancy and enhance safety during flight. These aircraft are widely used in commercial aviation, air cargo transportation, and military operations.

Senses and Usages:

1. Noun - Aircraft Type:

In this sense, a multiengine airplane refers to a type of aircraft that has two or more engines. They are designed to generate sufficient thrust for takeoff, climb, and sustained flight.

Example sentence: The airline replaced their fleet of single-engine planes with multiengine airplanes for long-distance routes.

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2. Adjective - Describing an Airplane:

In this usage, multiengine functions as an adjective that describes an airplane with multiple engines.

Example sentence: The pilot skillfully handled the multiengine airplane, ensuring a smooth landing despite the strong crosswinds.

3. Adverb - Describing a Situation:

As an adverb, multiengine describes a situation where an airplane is using multiple engines, often emphasizing the level of power or capability.

Example sentence: The aircraft climbed rapidly, powered by both engines, demonstrating its multiengine capabilities.

4. Local Usage:

In certain regions, the term multiengine airplane might be used more frequently than others due to the presence of local aviation industries or flight schools.

Example sentence: The local flight club specializes in training pilots on multiengine airplanes for advanced ratings.

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