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Noun mt has 3 senses
  1. metric ton, MT, tonne, t - a unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms
    --1 is a kind of metric weight unit, weight unit
    --1 has parts: quintal
  2. Montana, Treasure State, MT - a state in northwestern United States on the Canadian border
    --2 is a kind of American state
    --2 is a part of
     United States, United States of America, America, US, U.S., USA, U.S.A.
    --2 has parts:
     Yellowstone National Park; Bozeman; Billings; Butte; Great Falls; Helena, capital of Montana; Missoula; Bighorn, Bighorn River; Little Bighorn, Little Bighorn River, Little Horn; Little Missouri, Little Missouri River; Milk, Milk River; Yellowstone, Yellowstone River
  3. machine translation, MT - the use of computers to translate from one language to another
    --3 is a kind of artificial intelligence, AI; computational linguistics
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