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metrazol shock


Definitions from WordNet

Noun metrazol shock has 1 sense
  1. metrazol shock, metrazol shock therapy, metrazol shock treatment - the administration of sufficient Metrazol to induce convulsions and coma
    --1 is a kind of shock therapy, shock treatment

Definitions from the Web

Metrazol Shock


Metrazol shock refers to a medical treatment that involves inducing seizures using the drug Metrazol. Originally used for psychiatric disorders, it has been mostly discontinued due to its severe side effects.


1. Medical Treatment:

Metrazol shock was historically employed as a therapy in psychiatric medicine to treat conditions such as schizophrenia and depression.

Example sentence: The doctors decided to try metrazol shock when all other treatments failed to improve the patient's mental condition.

2. Discontinued Practice:

The use of metrazol shock has significantly been reduced due to its adverse effects and the development of more advanced medical treatments.

Example sentence: Metrazol shock is considered an obsolete and controversial practice in modern psychiatry.

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