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mammal genus

Noun mammal genus has 1 sense
  1. mammal genus - a genus of mammals
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of
     Vertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniata
    --1 has particulars:
     Tachyglossus, genus Tachyglossus; Zaglossus, genus Zaglossus; Ornithorhynchus, genus Ornithorhynchus; Didelphis, genus Didelphis; Caenolestes, genus Caenolestes; Macrotis, genus Macrotis; Macropus, genus Macropus; Lagorchestes, genus Lagorchestes; Onychogalea, genus Onychogalea; Petrogale, genus Petrogale; Thylogale, genus Thylogale; Dendrolagus, genus Dendrolagus; Hypsiprymnodon, genus Hypsiprymnodon; Potorous, genus Potorous; Bettongia, genus Bettongia; genus Phalanger; Trichosurus, genus Trichosurus; Petaurus, genus Petaurus; Acrobates, genus Acrobates; Phascolarctos, genus Phascolarctos; Dasyurus, genus Dasyurus; Thylacinus, genus Thylacinus; Sarcophilus, genus Sarcophilus; Phascogale, genus Phascogale; Myrmecobius, genus Myrmecobius; Notoryctus, genus Notoryctus; Condylura, genus Condylura; Parascalops, genus Parascalops; Chrysochloris, genus Chrysochloris; Uropsilus, genus Uropsilus; Neurotrichus, genus Neurotrichus; Sorex, genus Sorex; Blarina, genus Blarina; Neomys, genus Neomys; Cryptotis, genus Cryptotis; Erinaceus, genus Erinaceus; genus Tenrec; genus Potamogale; Balaena, genus Balaena; Balaenoptera, genus Balaenoptera; Megaptera, genus Megaptera; Eschrichtius, genus Eschrichtius; Physeter, genus Physeter; Kogia, genus Kogia; Hyperoodon, genus Hyperoodon; Delphinus, genus Delphinus; Tursiops, genus Tursiops; Phocaena, genus Phocaena; genus Grampus; Orcinus, genus Orcinus; Globicephala, genus Globicephala; Monodon, genus Monodon; Delphinapterus, genus Delphinapterus; Trichechus, genus Trichecus; genus Dugong; Hydrodamalis, genus Hydrodamalis; Arctocephalus, genus Arctocephalus; Callorhinus, genus Callorhinus; Otaria, genus Otaria; Zalophus, genus Zalophus; Eumetopias, genus Eumetopias; Phoca, genus Phoca; Pagophilus, genus Pagophilus; Mirounga, genus Mirounga; Erignathus, genus Erignathus; Cystophora, genus Cystophora; Odobenus, genus Odobenus; Orycteropus, genus Orycteropus; Canis, genus Canis; Cuon, Cyon, genus Cuon, genus Cyon; Dusicyon, genus Dusicyon; Nyctereutes, genus Nyctereutes; Lycaeon, genus Lycaeon; genus Hyaena; Crocuta, genus Crocuta; Proteles, genus Proteles; Vulpes, genus Vulpes; Alopex, genus Alopex; Urocyon, genus Urocyon; Felis, genus Felis; genus Lynx; Panthera, genus Panthera; Acinonyx, genus Acinonyx; Smiledon, genus Smiledon; Nimravus, genus Nimravus; Ursus, genus Ursus; Euarctos, genus Euarctos; Selenarctos, genus Selenarctos; Thalarctos, genus Thalarctos; Melursus, genus Melursus; Viverra, genus Viverra; Viverricula, genus Viverricula; Arctictis, genus Arctictis; Fossa, genus Fossa; Genetta, genus Genetta; Hemigalus, genus Hemigalus; Herpestes, genus Herpestes; Paradoxurus, genus Paradoxurus; Suricata, genus Suricata; Pteropus, genus Pteropus; Nyctimene, genus Nyctimene; Cynopterus, genus Cynopterus; genus Macrotus; Phyllostomus, genus Phyllostomus; Choeronycteris, genus Choeronycteris; Hipposideros, genus Hipposideros; Rhinonicteris, genus Rhinonicteris; Megaderma, genus Megaderma; Vespertilio, genus Vespertilio; Lasiurus, genus Lasiurus; Myotis, genus Myotis; Eptesicus, genus Eptesicus; Antrozous, genus Antrozous; Pipistrellus, genus Pipistrellus; Euderma, genus Euderma; Plecotus, genus Plecotus; Tadarida, genus Tadarida; Eumops, genus Eumops; Desmodus, genus Desmodus; Diphylla, genus Diphylla; Oryctolagus, genus Oryctolagus; Sylvilagus, genus Sylvilagus; Lepus, genus Lepus; Ochotona, genus Ochotona; Mus, genus Mus; Micromyx, genus Micromyx; Apodemus, genus Apodemus; Rattus, genus Rattus; Nesokia, genus Nesokia; Conilurus, genus Conilurus; Notomys, genus Notomys; Hydromys, genus Hydromys; Reithrodontomys, genus Reithrodontomys; Peromyscus, genus Peromyscus; Baiomys, genus Baiomys; Onychomys, genus Onychomys; Ondatra, genus Ondatra; Neofiber, genus Neofiber; Sigmodon, genus Sigmodon; Neotoma, genus Neotoma; Oryzomys, genus Oryzomys; Pitymys, genus Pitymys; Microtus, genus Microtus; Arvicola, genus Arvicola; Clethrionomys, genus Clethrionomys; genus Phenacomys; Cricetus, genus Cricetus; Mesocricetus, genus Mesocricetus; Gerbillus, genus Gerbillus; Meriones, genus Meriones; Lemmus, genus lemmus; Myopus, genus Myopus; Dicrostonyx, genus Dicrostonyx; Synaptomys, genus Synaptomys; Atherurus, genus Atherurus; Trichys, genus Trichys; Erethizon, genus Erethizon; Perognathus, genus Perognathus; Liomys, genus Liomys; Dipodomys, genus Dipodomys; Microdipodops, genus Microdipodops; Zapus, genus Zapus; Dipus, genus Dipus; Jaculus, genus Jaculus; Glis, genus Glis; Muscardinus, genus Muscardinus; Eliomys, genus Eliomys; Geomys, genus Geomys; Thomomys, genus Thomomys; Sciurus, genus Sciurus; Tamiasciurus, genus Tamiasciurus; Citellus, genus Citellus, Spermophilus, genus Spermophilus; Cynomys, genus Cynomys; Tamias, genus Tamias; Eutamias, genus Eutamias; Glaucomys, genus Glaucomys; Marmota, genus Marmota; Petaurista, genus Petaurista; Castor, genus Castor; Castoroides, genus Castoroides; Aplodontia, genus Aplodontia; Cavia, genus Cavia; Dolichotis, genus Dolichotis; Hydrochoerus, genus Hydrochoerus; Dasyprocta, genus Dasyprocta; Cuniculus, genus Cuniculus; Stictomys, genus Stictomys; Myocastor, genus Myocastor; genus Chinchilla; Lagidium, genus Lagidium; Lagostomus, genus Lagostomus; Abrocoma, genus Abrocoma; Spalax, genus Spalax; Bathyergus, genus Bathyergus; Heterocephalus, genus Heterocephalus; Uintatherium, genus Uintatherium; Procavia, genus Procavia; Equus, genus Equus; Hyracotherium, genus Hyracotherium; genus Mesohippus; genus Protohippus; genus Rhinoceros; Ceratotherium, genus Ceratotherium; Diceros, genus Diceros; Tapirus, genus Tapirus; Sus, genus Sus; Babyrousa, genus Babyrousa; Phacochoerus, genus Phacochoerus; Tayassu, genus Tayassu, genus Pecari; genus Hippopotamus; Bos, genus Bos; Bubalus, genus Bubalus, tribe Bubalus; genus Anoa; Synercus, genus Synercus, tribe synercus; Bibos, genus Bibos; genus Bison; Ovibos, genus Ovibos; Ovis, genus Ovis; Ammotragus, genus Ammotragus; Capra, genus Capra; Oreamnos, genus Oreamnos; Naemorhedus, genus Naemorhedus; Capricornis, genus Capricornis; Rupicapra, genus Rupicapra; Budorcas, genus Budorcas; Antilope, genus Antilope; Litocranius, genus Litocranius; genus Addax; Connochaetes, genus Connochaetes; Madoqua, genus Madoqua; Alcelaphus, genus Alcelaphus; Damaliscus, genus Damaliscus; Aepyceros, genus Aepyceros; Gazella, genus Gazella; Antidorcas, genus Antidorcas; Tragelaphus, genus Tragelaphus, Strepsiceros, genus Strepsiceros; Boselaphus, genus Boselaphus; Hippotragus, genus Hippotragus; genus Saiga; Raphicerus, genus Raphicerus; Taurotragus, genus Taurotragus; Kobus, genus Kobus; Adenota, genus Adenota; genus Oryx; Pseudoryx, genus Pseudoryx; Antilocapra, genus Antilocapra; Cervus, genus Cervus; Odocoileus, genus Odocoileus; Alces, genus Alces; Dama, genus Dama; Capreolus, genus Capreolus; Rangifer, genus Rangifer; Mazama, genus Mazama; Muntiacus, genus Muntiacus; Moschus, genus Moschus; Elaphurus, genus Elaphurus; Tragulus, genus Tragulus; Hyemoschus, genus Hyemoschus; Camelus, genus Camelus; Lama, genus Lama; Vicugna, genus Vicugna; Giraffa, genus Giraffa; Okapia, genus Okapia; Mustela, genus Mustela; Poecilogale, genus Poecilogale; Ictonyx, genus Ictonyx; Lutra, genus Lutra; Enhydra, genus Enhydra; Mephitis, genus Mephitis; Conepatus, genus Conepatus; Spilogale, genus Spilogale; Taxidea, genus Taxidea; Meles, genus Meles; Mellivora, genus Mellivora; Melogale, genus Melogale; Arctonyx, genus Arctonyx; Gulo, genus Gulo; genus Grison; genus Galictis; Martes, genus Martes; Charronia, genus Charronia; Eira, genus Eira; Dasypus, genus Dasypus; Tolypeutes, genus Tolypeutes; genus Cabassous; Euphractus, genus Euphractus; Priodontes, genus Priodontes; Chlamyphorus, genus Chlamyphorus; Burmeisteria, genus Burmeisteria; Bradypus, genus Bradypus; Choloepus, genus Choloepus; Megatherium, genus Megatherium; genus Mylodon; Myrmecophaga, genus Myrmecophaga; Cyclopes, genus Cyclopes; genus Tamandua; Manis, genus Manis; genus Homo; genus Australopithecus, Australopithecus; Plesianthropus, genus Plesianthropus; genus Sivapithecus; Dryopithecus, genus Dryopithecus; Ouranopithecus, genus Ouranopithecus; Lufengpithecus, genus Lufengpithecus; genus Proconsul; Kenyapithecus, genus Kenyapithecus; genus Aegyptopithecus; Algeripithecus, genus Algeripithecus; Pongo, genus Pongo; genus Gorilla; Pan, genus Pan; Hylobates, genus Hylobates; Symphalangus, genus Symphalangus; Cercopithecus, genus Cercopithecus; Cercocebus, genus Cercocebus; Erythrocebus, genus Erythrocebus; Papio, genus Papio; Mandrillus, genus Mandrillus; Macaca, genus Macaca; Presbytes, genus Presbytes, mammal Semnopithecus; genus Colobus; Nasalis, genus Nasalis; Callithrix, genus Callithrix; Cebuella, genus Cebuella; Leontocebus, genus Leontocebus, genus Leontideus; Cebus, genus Cebus; Aotus, genus Aotus; Alouatta, genus Alouatta; Pithecia, genus Pithecia; Cacajao, genus Cacajao; Callicebus, genus Callicebus; Ateles, genus Ateles; Saimiri, genus Saimiri; Lagothrix, genus Lagothrix; Tupaia, genus Tupaia; Ptilocercus, genus Ptilocercus; genus Lemur; Daubentonia, genus Daubentonia; genus Loris; Nycticebus, genus Nycticebus; Perodicticus, genus Perodicticus; Arctocebus, genus Arctocebus; genus Galago; genus Indri; Avahi, genus Avahi; Tarsius, genus Tarsius; Cynocephalus, genus Cynocephalus; Elephas, genus Elephas; Loxodonta, genus Loxodonta; Mammuthus, genus Mammuthus; Archidiskidon, genus Archidiskidon; Mammut, genus Mammut, genus Mastodon; Gomphotherium, genus Gomphotherium; Procyon, genus Procyon; Bassariscus, genus Bassariscus; Potos, genus Potos; Nasua, genus Nasua; Ailurus, genus Ailurus; Ailuropoda, genus Ailuropoda
mamillary body mamm mamma mamma s boy mammae mammal mammal mammal family mammal genus mammal semnopithecus mammalia mammalian mammalogy mammals mammamilla mammaplasty mammaries

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