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luxembourg city


Definitions from WordNet

Noun luxembourg city has 1 sense
  1. Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Luxembourg City, capital of Luxembourg - the capital and largest city of Luxembourg
    --1 is a kind of national capital
    --1 is a part of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxemburg

Definitions from the Web

Luxembourg City


Luxembourg City refers to the capital and largest city of Luxembourg, a small landlocked country in Europe. It is known for its picturesque old town, rich cultural heritage, and international influence.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun - proper


  1. The capital and largest city of Luxembourg.


Luxembourg City has various usages depending on the context:

  1. Popular: When referring to the capital city, it commonly denotes the city's official name.
  2. Example Sentence: Visit Luxembourg City travel guide books to explore the beautiful sights and attractions.

  3. Local: Within the local community, it may simply be referred to as "the City" since it is the primary urban center.
  4. Example Sentence: Many residents of Luxembourg prefer to visit the markets in Luxembourg City during the holiday season.

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