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legal ouster


Definitions from WordNet

Noun legal ouster has 1 sense
  1. eviction, dispossession, legal ouster - the expulsion of someone (such as a tenant) from the possession of land by process of law
    --1 is a kind of due process, due process of law
    --1 has particulars: ouster; actual eviction; retaliatory eviction

Definitions from the Web

Legal Ouster


  1. (noun) The act of legally removing someone from a position, property, or premises.
  2. (noun) A court order or legal process that expels a person or entity from a property or premises.
  3. (noun) In real estate law, a forced removal of a tenant from a property.

Sample Sentences:

  • After a lengthy court battle, the legal ouster of the CEO was finally achieved.
  • The landlord filed for a legal ouster to evict the non-paying tenant.
  • The judge issued a legal ouster notice, giving the delinquent business owner a specific deadline to vacate the premises.

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