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Definitions from WordNet

Noun lash-up has 1 sense
  1. lash-up, contrivance - any improvised arrangement for temporary use
    --1 is a kind of arrangement
    --1 has particulars: temporary hookup, patch

Definitions from the Web



A lash-up is a temporary or improvised solution or arrangement.

Example sentence: During the power outage, the engineers quickly created a lash-up to keep the essential systems running.


In military or naval terms, a lash-up refers to the joining of two or more vessels usually for a tactical purpose.

Example sentence: The navy ships formed a lash-up to maximize their firepower and protect the coastline.


Informally, to lash-up means to create or put together something hastily or crudely.

Example sentence: They lashed up a makeshift tent using ropes and sheets in the middle of the forest.


If something is described as lash-up, it means it is temporary, hastily assembled, or not of high quality.

Example sentence: We didn't have proper camping gear, so we spent the night in a lash-up shelter made of branches and leaves.

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