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lake geneva


Definitions from WordNet

Noun lake geneva has 1 sense
  1. Lake Geneva, Lake Leman - a lake between southwestern Switzerland and France that is crossed from east to west by the Rhone
    --1 is a kind of lake
    --1 is a part of
     Switzerland, Swiss Confederation, Suisse, Schweiz, Svizzera; France, French Republic

Definitions from the Web

Lake Geneva


Lake Geneva is a picturesque lake located in the Swiss Alps, bordering both Switzerland and France. It is known for its stunning beauty, crystal clear waters, and surrounding snow-capped mountains. Offering a wide range of recreational activities and breathtaking scenery, Lake Geneva attracts millions of visitors each year.


Sense 1:

Noun: A large lake situated in the Swiss Alps, shared by Switzerland and France.

Example Sentence: The small village on the shores of Lake Geneva provides a perfect backdrop for a peaceful vacation.

Sense 2:

Proper Noun: The specific name of the lake located in Switzerland and France.

Example Sentence: Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman, is the largest lake in Switzerland.


Usage 1: Popular

Adjective: A destination or attraction that is well-known and frequented by a large number of people.

Example Sentence: Montreux, a popular town on the shores of Lake Geneva, is famous for its annual jazz festival.

Usage 2: Local

Adjective: Something specific or unique to the region surrounding Lake Geneva.

Example Sentence: The local cuisine around Lake Geneva includes dishes prepared with freshwater fish caught from the lake.

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