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judgement of dismissal


Definitions from WordNet

Noun judgement of dismissal has 1 sense
  1. judgment of dismissal, judgement of dismissal, dismissal - a judgment disposing of the matter without a trial
    --1 is a kind of judgment, judgement, judicial decision

Definitions from the Web

Term: Judgement of Dismissal


A judgement of dismissal is a legal ruling by a judge that ends a civil or criminal case without a trial or conviction. It is typically based on the lack of sufficient evidence, procedural errors, or other legal grounds.

Sample Sentences

Noun: The judge issued a judgement of dismissal due to the plaintiff's failure to provide substantial evidence.

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Verb: The defense attorney successfully argued to get the case judgment of dismissal, saving his client from a prolonged trial.

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Adjective: The judgment of dismissal was a welcome outcome for the defendant, who had been facing serious charges.

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Adverb: The prosecutor's case against the suspect weakly crumbled, ultimately resulting in the judge ruling for judgment of dismissal.

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Interjection: Judgement of dismissal! The defendant walked out of the courtroom a free person.

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