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insulin shock treatment


Definitions from WordNet

Noun insulin shock treatment has 1 sense
  1. insulin shock, insulin shock therapy, insulin shock treatment - the administration of sufficient insulin to induce convulsions and coma
    --1 is a kind of shock therapy, shock treatment

Definitions from the Web

Insulin Shock Treatment


Insulin shock treatment refers to the therapeutic use of insulin to induce a controlled state of hypoglycemia in individuals with certain psychiatric conditions.


1. Medical:

In the medical field, insulin shock treatment is a method used to manage certain mental disorders by intentionally causing hypoglycemia through the injection of insulin. This treatment is typically employed for patients with schizophrenia and sometimes severe depression.

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2. Historical:

In historical terms, insulin shock treatment was a widely used psychiatric treatment during the mid-20th century. It involved the administration of insulin to induce a coma-like state in patients with schizophrenia, aiming to alleviate symptoms. However, this approach is no longer considered as a standard psychiatric practice.

Sample Sentences

  1. The patient underwent insulin shock treatment to manage their severe schizophrenia symptoms.
  2. During the mid-20th century, insulin shock treatment was extensively practiced in psychiatric institutions.
  3. Insulin shock treatment is now considered an outdated method and has been replaced by more modern medical interventions.
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