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Definitions from WordNet

Noun impermeableness has 1 sense
  1. impermeability, impermeableness - the property of something that cannot be pervaded by a liquid
    --1 is a kind of solidity, solidness
    --1 has particulars:
     retentiveness, retentivity, retention; impenetrability, imperviousness; nonabsorbency

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Impermeableness refers to the state or quality of being impermeable, which means the inability to allow the passage of a substance through its surface or material. It indicates the resistance to permeation or penetration.


Example 1 (Noun - General Sense):

The impermeableness of the fabric made it perfect for creating raincoats.

Example 2 (Noun - Local Sense):

The impermeableness of the soil in this region prevents proper drainage, leading to the formation of stagnant water.

Example 3 (Adjective - Popular Sense):

The impermeableness of the waterproof case ensured that my phone stayed dry even in heavy rain.

Example 4 (Adjective - Local Sense):

The impermeableness of the skin in amphibians allows them to thrive both in water and on land.

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