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hellenic republic

Noun hellenic republic has 1 sense
  1. Greece, Hellenic Republic, Ellas - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
    --1 is a kind of Balkan country, Balkan nation, Balkan state
    --1 is a part of Europe
    --1 is a member of
     European Union, EU, European Community, EC, European Economic Community, EEC, Common Market, Europe; North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO
    --1 has parts:
     Aegina, Aigina; Chios, Khios; Cyclades, Kikladhes; Dodecanese, Dhodhekanisos; Lesbos, Lesvos, Mytilene; Rhodes, Rodhos; Crete, Kriti; Ithaca, Ithaki; Athos, Mount Athos; Athens, Athinai, capital of Greece, Greek capital; Actium; Attica; Corinth, Korinthos; Argos; Delphi; Mycenae; Epirus; Laconia; Nemea; Boeotia; Thessaloniki, Salonika, Salonica, Thessalonica; Stagira, Stagirus; Thessalia, Thessaly; Arcadia; Peloponnese, Peloponnesus, Peloponnesian Peninsula; Lemnos, Limnos; Olympus, Mount Olympus, Mt. Olympus, Olimbos; Parnassus, Mount Parnassus, Liakoura; Saronic Gulf, Gulf of Aegina
    --1 has members: Greek, Hellene
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