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Definitions from WordNet

Noun gigot has 1 sense
  1. leg of lamb, gigot - lamb leg suitable for roasting
    --1 is a kind of lamb roast, roast lamb; leg

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Gigot is a term that can be used as a noun or a verb, and it has different senses and usages depending on the context. It can refer to a cut of meat, a style of sleeve, a comedy film, or a person's name.


Noun - Meat:

In the culinary world, gigot typically refers to a leg of lamb that is roasted or grilled to perfection.

Example sentence: The chef prepared a delicious roasted gigot for the special holiday dinner.

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Noun - Sleeve:

In fashion, gigot sleeves, also known as leg-of-mutton sleeves, were popular in the 19th century and are characterized by their fullness at the top and tapering towards the forearm.

Example sentence: The vintage dress featured elegant gigot sleeves that added a touch of Victorian charm.

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Noun - Film:

"Gigot" is a comedy film released in 1962, starring Jackie Gleason as a mute and lonely Frenchman named Gigot.

Example sentence: The classic film "Gigot" showcases Jackie Gleason's incredible talent for physical comedy.

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Noun - Person's name:

Gigot can also be a person's surname, though it is relatively uncommon. It is important to note that this refers to the proper noun usage of the term.

Example sentence: Mrs. Gigot recently moved into the neighborhood and has already made many new friends.


As a verb, gigot can be used to describe a comic or exaggerated expression or movement, typically associated with comedy performances.

Example sentence: The clown gigoted and made the audience burst into laughter.

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