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Sense 1: In biblical context, Gideon was a judge and military leader of the Israelites.

Sample Sentence: Many people look up to Gideon as a symbol of courage and faith.


Sense 2: A male given name of Hebrew origin, meaning "mighty warrior" or "destroyer."

Sample Sentence: Gideon is an uncommon but powerful name for a baby boy.


Sense 3: A brand of durable, waterproof, and lightweight outdoor equipment.

Sample Sentence: Before going camping, it is essential to pack your Gideon tent and sleeping bag.

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Sense 4: A person who champions or advocates for a cause.

Sample Sentence: Martin Luther King Jr. was a Gideon in the Civil Rights movement.


Sense 5: A member of an evangelical Christian organization known as Gideons International, which distributes Bibles and promotes the Christian faith.

Sample Sentence: The Gideons distribute free Bibles to hotels and hospitals worldwide.

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Sense 1: Of or relating to Gideon or the qualities associated with Gideon.

Sample Sentence: The soldiers marched with Gideon-like determination into battle.

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