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genu varum


Definitions from WordNet

Noun genu varum has 1 sense
  1. bowleg, genu varum, tibia vara - a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)
    --1 is a kind of leg; disability, disablement, handicap, impairment

Definitions from the Web

Genu Varum


Genu varum, also known as bow legs, is a condition in which the legs bend outward at the knees while the ankles and feet are together. It is commonly observed in young children and may correct itself as they grow. However, in some cases, genu varum may persist and require medical intervention.

Sample Sentences:


  1. Her son had a slight genu varum, but the pediatrician assured her it was within the normal range.
  2. The orthopedic surgeon recommended physical therapy to correct the child's severe genu varum.


  1. The doctor explained that genu varum could lead to additional strain on the knees and hips.
  2. Severe genu varum may cause difficulties with walking and balance.

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