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field glasses


Definitions from WordNet

Noun field glass has 1 sense
  1. field glass, glass, spyglass - a small refracting telescope
    --1 is a kind of optical instrument; refracting telescope; optical instrument; refracting telescope
    --1 has parts: eyepiece, ocular

Definitions from the Web

Term: Field Glasses


Field glasses are a pair of handheld optical devices used to magnify distant objects, commonly known as binoculars. They are designed to provide a clearer and closer view of subjects that are far away. Field glasses consist of two small telescopes mounted side by side, allowing both eyes to view simultaneously. They are widely utilized in various recreational activities, as well as for military, hunting, and birdwatching purposes.

Senses and Usages:

  1. Noun: A pair of binoculars designed for field observation.
  2. Example Sentence: The birdwatcher eagerly peered through his field glasses to catch a glimpse of the rare species.

  3. Noun: Optical instruments used for viewing distant locations or objects.
  4. Example Sentence: The sailor scanned the horizon with his field glasses, searching for any signs of land.

  5. Noun: A colloquial term for binoculars used in certain local dialects or communities.
  6. Example Sentence: In the small coastal town, the locals referred to their binoculars as field glasses, a name that had been passed down through generations.

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