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electronic balance


Definitions from WordNet

Noun electronic balance has 1 sense
  1. electronic balance - balance that generates a current proportional to displacement of pan
    --1 is a kind of

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Dictionary Term: Electronic Balance


An electronic balance refers to a precise weighing instrument that uses electronic components to determine the mass or weight of an object. It typically consists of a weighing platform, a digital display, and a system of sensors and circuits that measure and calculate the weight accurately.

Senses and Usages

Sense 1: Scientific Instrument

As a scientific instrument, an electronic balance is widely used in laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions to measure the weight of various substances with high precision. It is commonly employed in chemistry, physics, biology, and other scientific disciplines to ensure accurate measurements in experiments and analyses.

Sense 2: Commercial and Industrial Applications

In commercial and industrial environments, electronic balances are utilized for diverse purposes such as quality control, manufacturing processes, and portioning goods. They are essential tools in industries like pharmaceuticals, food production, jewelry, and precious metal refining where accurate weight measurements are crucial for operational efficiency and compliance with standards.

Sense 3: Personal Use

Electronic balances also serve a useful role in personal settings, particularly for people who require precise weight measurements. These balances are commonly found in kitchens for accurate cooking measurements or in fitness and health contexts for tracking body weight and dietary portions.

Sample Sentences

1. The chemist used the electronic balance to measure the exact quantity of a chemical compound for the experiment.

2. The jewelry store employed an electronic balance to ensure precise measurements when valuing precious gemstones.

3. My fitness-conscious friend relies on his electronic balance to track his weight loss progress.

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