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eclectic method


Definitions from WordNet

Noun eclectic method has 1 sense
  1. eclecticism, eclectic method - making decisions on the basis of what seems best instead of following some single doctrine or style
    --1 is a kind of decision making, deciding

Definitions from the Web

Eclectic Method


An educational approach that combines various methods, concepts, or styles.

Example sentences:

  • The teacher implemented an eclectic method by incorporating hands-on activities, group discussions, and multimedia presentations into her lessons.
  • The school's curriculum followed an eclectic method, allowing students to explore different subjects and learning styles.


Characterized by a wide range of styles, influences, or elements.

Example sentences:

  • The band's music is known for its eclectic style, blending elements of jazz, rock, and classical music.
  • Her eclectic taste in fashion always caught people's attention with its unique combinations of vintage and modern pieces.

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