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dusicyon cancrivorus


Definitions from WordNet

Noun dusicyon cancrivorus has 1 sense
  1. crab-eating dog, crab-eating fox, Dusicyon cancrivorus - wild dog of northern South America
    --1 is a kind of wild dog

Definitions from the Web

Dusicyon Cancrivorus


Dusicyon cancrivorus, commonly known as the "Crab-eating Fox," is a species of fox found in South America. It is known for its crab-catching abilities and unique adaptions to coastal regions.


Dusicyon cancrivorus refers to a carnivorous mammal belonging to the Canidae family, characterized by its crab-eating habits and habitat preference along coastal areas.

Example Sentence:

The Dusicyon cancrivorus diligently hunts for crabs along the sandy shores, exhibiting its exceptional adaptation to coastal environments.


When used as an adjective, dusicyon cancrivorus describes something related to or characteristic of the Crab-eating Fox or its habitat.

Example Sentence:

The research team discovered several traces of dusicyon cancrivorus footprints near the mangrove swamps, providing evidence of their presence in the area.

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