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dicot genus

Noun dicot genus has 1 sense
  1. dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
    --1 is a kind of genus
    --1 is a member of
     Dicotyledones, class Dicotyledones, Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledonae, Magnoliopsida, class Magnoliopsida
    --1 has particulars:
     magnoliid dicot genus; hamamelid dicot genus; caryophylloid dicot genus; dilleniid dicot genus; asterid dicot genus; rosid dicot genus; Myrica, genus Myrica; Comptonia, genus Comptonia; Leitneria, genus Leitneria; Apocynum, genus Apocynum; Acocanthera, genus Acocanthera, Acokanthera, genus Acokanthera; Adenium, genus Adenium; genus Allamanda; Alstonia, genus Alstonia; Amsonia, genus Amsonia; Beaumontia, genus Beaumontia; genus Carissa; Catharanthus, genus Catharanthus; Holarrhena, genus Holarrhena; Mandevilla, genus Mandevilla, Dipladenia, genus Dipladenia; Nerium, genus Nerium; Plumeria, genus Plumeria, Plumiera; genus Rauwolfia, genus Rauvolfia; genus Strophanthus; Tabernaemontana, genus Tabernaemontana; Thevetia, genus Thevetia; Trachelospermum, genus Trachelospermum; Vinca, genus Vinca; Aristolochia, genus Aristolochia; Asarum, genus Asarum; Nopalea, genus Nopalea; genus Primula; Anagallis, genus Anagallis; Centunculus, genus Centunculus; genus Cyclamen; Glaux, genus Glaux; Hottonia, genus Hottonia; Lysimachia, genus Lysimachia; Samolus, genus Samolus; Myrsine, genus Myrsine; Ardisia, genus Ardisia; genus Plumbago; Armeria, genus Armeria; Limonium, genus Limonium; Jacquinia, genus Jacquinia; Cucurbita, genus Cucurbita; genus Bryonia; Citrullus, genus Citrullus; Cucumis, genus Cucumis; Ecballium, genus Ecballium; Lagenaria, genus Lagenaria; genus Luffa; Momordica, genus Momordica; Goodenia; genus Lobelia; Bartle Frere, genus Bartle-Frere, green dinosaur; genus Protea; genus Banksia; Conospermum, genus Conospermum; Embothrium, genus Embothrium; Guevina, genus Guevina; genus Grevillea; Hakea, genus Hakea; Knightia, genus Knightia; Lambertia, genus Lambertia; Leucadendron, genus Leucadendron; genus Lomatia; genus Macadamia; Orites, genus Orites; Persoonia, genus Persoonia; Stenocarpus, genus Stenocarpus; Telopea, genus Telopea; Xylomelum, genus Xylomelum; genus Casuarina; Clethra, genus Clethra; Centaurium, genus Centaurium; Eustoma, genus Eustoma; Exacum, genus Exacum; Frasera, genus Frasera; Gentiana, genus Gentiana; Gentianella, genus Gentianella; Gentianopsis, genus Gentianopsis; Halenia, genus Halenia; genus Sabbatia; Swertia, genus Swertia; Salvadora, genus Salvadora; Olea, genus Olea; Chionanthus, genus Chionanthus; genus Forestiera; genus Forsythia; Fraxinus, genus Fraxinus; Jasminum, genus Jasminum; Ligustrum, genus Ligustrum; Osmanthus, genus Osmanthus; Phillyrea, genus Phillyrea; Syringa, genus Syringa; Hamamelidanthum, genus Hamamelidanthum; Hamamelidoxylon, genus Hamamelidoxylon; Hamamelites, genus Hamamelites; Juglans, genus Juglans; Carya, genus Carya; Pterocarya, genus Pterocarya; genus Combretum; Conocarpus, genus Conocarpus; Elaeagnus, genus Elaeagnus; Myriophyllum, genus Myriophyllum; Grias, genus Grias; Bertholletia, genus Bertholletia; Lythrum, genus Lythrum; Myrtus, genus Myrtus; Pimenta, genus Pimenta; Eugenia, genus Eugenia; genus Feijoa; Jambos, genus Jambos; Myrciaria, genus Myrciaria, Myrcia; Psidium, genus Psidium; genus Eucalyptus; Syzygium, genus Syzygium; Nyssa, genus Nyssa; genus Fuchsia; Oenothera, genus Oenothera; Punica, genus Punica; Rhizophora, genus Rhizophora; genus Daphne; Dirca, genus Dirca; Trapa, genus Trapa; Urtica, genus Urtica; Boehmeria, genus Boehmeria; Helxine, genus Helxine, Soleirolia, genus Soleirolia; Laportea, genus Laportea; Parietaria, genus Parietaria; Pilea, genus Pilea; Pipturus, genus Pipturus; genus Cannabis; Humulus, genus Humulus; Morus, genus Morus; Maclura, genus Maclura; Artocarpus, genus Artocarpus; Ficus, genus Ficus; Broussonetia, genus Broussonetia; Cecropia, genus Cecropia; Ulmus, genus Ulmus; Celtis, genus Celtis; Planera, genus Planera; Trema, genus Trema; Menyanthes, genus Menyanthes; Logania, genus Logania; genus Buddleia; Gelsemium, genus Gelsemium; Plantago, genus Plantago; Polygonum, genus Polygonum; Fagopyrum, genus Fagopyrum; genus Eriogonum; Rheum, genus Rheum; Rumex, genus Rumex; Dodonaea, genus Dodonaea; Sapindus, genus Sapindus; Blighia, genus Blighia; Cardiospermum, genus Cardiospermum; Dimocarpus, genus Dimocarpus; genus Harpullia; genus Litchi; Melicoccus, genus Melicoccus, Melicocca, genus Melicocca; Nephelium, genus Nephelium; Buxus, genus Buxus; genus Pachysandra; Celastrus, genus Celastrus; Euonymus, genus Euonymus; genus Cyrilla; Cliftonia, genus Cliftonia; Empetrum, genus Empetrum; Acer, genus Acer; Dipteronia, genus Dipteronia; Ilex, genus Ilex; Anacardium, genus Anacardium; Astronium, genus Astronium; Cotinus, genus Cotinus; Malosma, genus Malosma; Mangifera, genus Mangifera; Pistacia, genus Pistacia; Rhodosphaera, genus Rhodosphaera; Rhus, genus Rhus; Schinus, genus Schinus; Spondias, genus Spondias; Toxicodendron, genus Toxicodendron; Aesculus, genus Aesculus; Staphylea, genus Staphylea; Diospyros, genus Diospyros; Achras, genus Achras; Bumelia, genus Bumelia; Calocarpum, genus Calocarpum; Chrysophyllum, genus Chrysophyllum; Manilkara, genus Manilkara; Palaquium, genus Palaquium; Payena, genus Payena; Pouteria, genus Pouteria; Symplocus, genus Symplocus; genus Styrax; Halesia, genus Halesia; Sarracenia, genus Sarracenia; Darlingtonia, genus Darlingtonia; Heliamphora, genus Heliamphora; Nepenthes, genus Nepenthes; Drosera, genus Drosera; Dionaea, genus Dionaea; Aldrovanda, genus Aldrovanda; Drosophyllum, genus Drosophyllum; genus Roridula; Cordia, genus Cordia; genus Convolvulus; Argyreia, genus Argyreia; Calystegia, genus Calystegia; Cuscuta, genus Cuscuta; genus Dichondra; Ipomoea, genus Ipomoea; Monardella, genus Monardella; Rhamnus, genus Rhamnus; Colubrina, genus Colubrina; Ziziphus, genus Ziziphus; Paliurus, genus Paliurus; Pomaderris, genus Pomaderris; Vitis, genus Vitis; Parthenocissus, genus Parthenocissus; Piper, genus Piper; genus Peperomia; Chloranthus, genus Chloranthus; Saururus, genus Saururus; Anemopsis, genus Anemopsis; Houttuynia, genus Houttuynia; Asclepias, genus Asclepias; Araujia, genus Araujia; genus Cynancum; genus Hoya; Periploca, genus Periploca; Sarcostemma, genus Sarcostemma; genus Stapelia; genus Stephanotis; Vincetoxicum, genus Vincetoxicum
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