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Noun deliberation has 5 senses
  1. deliberation - (usually plural) discussion of all sides of a question; "the deliberations of the jury"
    --1 is a kind of
    discussion, give-and-take, word
    Derived forms: verb deliberate1, verb deliberate2
  2. deliberation, weighing, advisement - careful consideration; "a little deliberation would have deterred them"
    --2 is a kind of consideration
    --2 has particulars: think
    Derived forms: verb deliberate1, verb deliberate2
  3. calculation, deliberation - planning something carefully and intentionally; "it was the deliberation of his act that was insulting"
    --3 is a kind of planning, preparation, provision
  4. slowness, deliberation, deliberateness, unhurriedness - a rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry
    --4 is a kind of pace, rate
    --4 has particulars: leisureliness; dilatoriness, procrastination
  5. deliberation, deliberateness - the trait of thoughtfulness in action or decision; "he was a man of judicial deliberation"
    --5 is a kind of thoughtfulness
    --5 has particulars: intentionality
    Derived forms: verb deliberate1, verb deliberate2
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