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crown colony


Definitions from WordNet

Noun crown colony has 1 sense
  1. Crown Colony - a British colony controlled by the British Crown, represented by a governor
    --1 is a kind of
    colony, dependency

Definitions from the Web

Crown Colony

Definition: A type of colonial administration established by the British Empire where a Governor appointed by the monarch ruled directly on behalf of the crown.

Parts of Speech

Noun: The term can refer to the colony itself or the form of administration.

Senses and Usages

Sense 1

Usage: Refers to a colony directly governed by a Governor appointed by the monarch.

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Sample Sentence: The inhabitants of the crown colony enjoyed certain privileges and freedoms.

Sense 2

Usage: Can also describe the historical period when a particular colony was ruled under a Crown Colony administration.

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Sample Sentence: The Crown Colony era greatly influenced the development of the local culture.

Sense 3

Usage: Can refer to the geographical area where a former Crown Colony was located.

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Sample Sentence: The city still retains the architectural charm from its days as a crown colony.

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