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Noun - Popular Sense

A cosister is a fictitious term used to describe a sisterly figure who is also a close friend or confidante.

Example: My best friend Anna is not just my friend, she's my cosister who has always been there for me.

Verb - Popular Sense

As a verb, to cosister means to act in a sisterly manner towards someone, providing support and guidance.

Example: Even though they are colleagues, Susan always cosisters her co-worker by helping her with projects and offering advice.

Noun - Local Sense

In local slang, a cosister refers to a close friend or companion.

Example: On Friday nights, a group of us go out for dinner and drinks, and we consider ourselves more than friends—we're cosisters.

Verb - Local Sense

Locally, to cosister means to form a close bond of friendship and support with someone.

Example: Our neighborhood is known for its friendly community, and we all cosister, making sure everyone feels welcomed and secure.

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