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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective cosher has 1 sense
  1. kosher, cosher - conforming to dietary laws; "kosher meat"; "a kosher kitchen"
    Antonyms: unclean, impure (indirect, via clean)

Definitions from the Web

Cosher (verb)

Sense: To prepare food according to Jewish dietary laws; to make foods fit or suitable for consumption by adhering to kosher regulations.

Example sentence:

I always cosher the kitchen before my Jewish friends come over for dinner.

Cosher (adjective)

Sense 1: Relating to or following Jewish dietary laws; prepared in accordance with kosher guidelines.

Example sentence:

The restaurant only serves cosher meals.

Sense 2: Accepted or sanctioned by Jewish religious authorities.

Example sentence:

That food brand bears a cosher seal, ensuring its legitimacy among the Jewish community.

Cosher (noun)

Sense: A Jewish dietary law or regulation.

Example sentence:

The caterer strictly adhered to all the coshers during the event.

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