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Noun chukker has 1 sense
  1. chukka, chukker - one of the six playing periods into which the game of polo is divided
    --1 is a kind of playing period, period of play, play

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A chukker is a term used predominantly in the sport of polo to refer to a specific period of play.


  1. Noun (Sport): A period of play in a polo match that typically lasts for 7 minutes, known as a division of a game.
  2. Noun (Informal): A unit of time, often an indeterminate and imprecise length.


Popular Usage:

Many spectators eagerly await the final chukker of a polo match as it often decides the outcome.

Local Usage:

In local communities, chukker is sometimes used informally to indicate an unknown or unspecified amount of time.

Sample Sentences:

Noun (Sport):

  1. The fourth chukker turned out to be the most intense and thrilling part of the match.
  2. During the third chukker, one of the players fell off the horse but quickly remounted and continued playing.

Noun (Informal):

  1. We chatted for a chukker, discussing various topics with no specific time limit in mind.
  2. He said he would be back in a chukker, but it took him over an hour to return.

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