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christmas box


Definitions from WordNet

Noun christmas box has 1 sense
  1. Christmas box - a present given at Christmas for services during the year
    --1 is a kind of
    gratuity, tip, pourboire, baksheesh, bakshish, bakshis, backsheesh

Definitions from the Web

Christmas Box


A small gift or bonus traditionally given to someone, typically an employee or service worker, at Christmas.

Example sentence: The staff at the hotel were pleased to receive a Christmas box from the management.


A charitable institution providing food, clothing, or other necessities to the poor or less fortunate during the Christmas season.

Example sentence: The local community center organizes a Christmas box campaign every year to help the homeless.


To package or wrap gifts in preparation for Christmas.

Example sentence: She spent the afternoon Christmas boxing presents for her family and friends.


Referring to something associated with Christmas or related to the Christmas season.

Example sentence: The living room was decorated with Christmas box lights and ornaments.

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