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blood disease

Noun blood disease has 1 sense
  1. blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
    --1 is a kind of blood dyscrasia
    --1 has particulars:
     cytopenia; acidemia; alkalemia; acanthocytosis; agranulocytosis, agranulosis, granulocytopenia; analbuminemia; Banti's disease, Banti's syndrome; parasitemia, parasitaemia; hemophilia, haemophilia, bleeder's disease; afibrinogenemia; blood poisoning, septicemia, septicaemia; erythroblastosis; hemoglobinopathy, haemoglobinopathy; histiocytosis; hydremia; hypothrombinemia; hypervolemia, hypervolaemia; hypovolemia, hypovolaemia; anemia, anaemia; leukocytosis, leucocytosis; leukopenia, leucopenia; lymphocytopenia, lymphopenia; lymphocytosis; microcytosis; polycythemia; purpura, peliosis; thrombocytopenia, thrombopenia; uratemia; uricaciduria
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