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Definitions from WordNet

Noun bleakness has 1 sense
  1. bleakness, desolation - a bleak and desolate atmosphere
    --1 is a kind of gloom, gloominess, glumness

Definitions from the Web


Noun: The quality or state of being bleak; desolation or barrenness.

Example sentence: The abandoned house reflected the bleakness of the neighborhood.

Noun: A gloomy and depressing atmosphere or condition.

Example sentence: The small village was filled with an overwhelming sense of bleakness after the flood.

Noun: Lack of hope or optimism; dreariness.

Example sentence: The constant rain brought an air of bleakness to her mood.

Adjective: Desolate, cold, and forbidding.

Example sentence: The asylum's walls were painted a bleak gray, adding to the overall sense of bleakness inside.

Adjective: Lacking color, brightness, or joy.

Example sentence: The artist used various shades of gray to represent the bleakness of the urban landscape.

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