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bad weather


Definitions from WordNet

Noun bad weather has 1 sense
  1. bad weather, inclemency, inclementness - weather unsuitable for outdoor activities
    --1 is a kind of weather, weather condition, atmospheric condition
    Antonyms: good weather
    --1 has particulars:
     raw weather; storminess; cloudiness, cloud cover, overcast; turbulence

Definitions from the Web

Bad Weather

Definition: Bad weather refers to weather conditions that are unpleasant or undesirable, typically characterized by extreme temperatures, precipitation, strong winds, or any other atmospheric conditions that may adversely affect travel, outdoor activities, or general well-being.


  • The picnic was canceled due to the bad weather forecasted for the weekend.
  • During the hurricane, the city experienced heavy rain, strong winds, and flooding, making it very bad weather to be outside.
  • Bad weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall, caused several flight cancellations at the airport.

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