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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective arrhythmic has 2 senses
  1. arrhythmic, arrhythmical - without regard for rhythm
    Antonyms: rhythmical, rhythmic (indirect, via unrhythmical)
  2. arrhythmic, jerking, jerky, unsteady - not having a steady rhythm; "an arrhythmic heartbeat"
    Antonym: regular (indirect, via irregular)

Definitions from the Web

Term: arrhythmic


Definition: Lacking rhythm or regularity

Example sentence: The arrhythmic beat of the drum confused the dancers.

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Definition: A person who lacks rhythm in their movements

Example sentence: As a dancer, he was considered an arrhythmic.

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Definition: In an arrhythmic manner; without rhythm

Example sentence: She tapped her feet arrhythmically to the music.

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Note: The term "arrhythmic" can also refer to medical conditions related to irregularities in heart rhythm. For information and related products, please consult a medical professional.

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