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Adjective allotropic has 1 sense
  1. allotropic, allotropical - of or related to or exhibiting allotropism; "carbon and sulfur and phosphorus are allotropic elements"

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Adjective - Relating to or exhibiting allotropism, the property of an element being able to exist in multiple physical forms or crystal structures.


1. Chemistry: Having the property of existing in more than one form, usually as different structural arrangements of the same element.

2. Physics: Characterized by the ability of an element to exist in different physical states under different conditions.

Sample Sentences:

1. Chemistry:

  • Carbon is an allotropic element that can exist as graphite, diamond, or fullerene.
  • Phosphorus exhibits allotropic behavior, with white phosphorus being highly reactive and red phosphorus being less reactive.

2. Physics:

  • Water is an allotropic substance that can exist as a solid (ice), liquid, or gas (vapor) depending on the temperature and pressure.
  • Mercury is a unique element with allotropic properties, transitioning from a liquid to a solid state at extremely low temperatures.
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