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1 kings


Definitions from WordNet

Noun 1 kings has 1 sense
  1. I Kings, 1 Kings - the first of two Old Testament books telling the histories of the kings of Judah and Israel
    --1 is a kind of book
    --1 is a part of Prophets, Nebiim; Old Testament

Definitions from the Web

1 Kings

Noun (Title of a Book)

1 Kings is a biblical book found in the Old Testament, following the book of 2 Samuel and preceding the book of 2 Kings. It provides historical accounts and narratives regarding the kings of ancient Israel between the reigns of King Solomon and King Jehoshaphat.

Sample Sentence:

The events described in 1 Kings shed light on the rise and fall of various kings in the Israelite nation.

Noun (Biblical Figures)

The term 1 Kings can also refer to a group of individuals recognized as the kings mentioned in the book of 1 Kings. These include notable figures like King Solomon, King David, and King Rehoboam.

Sample Sentence:

Among the 1 Kings, King Solomon is renowned for his wisdom and architectural achievements.

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